National Bow Tie Day

Admit it, bow ties are cool... There's just something about them.  For a while, I didn't dig the bow tie look. Part of it was because I just didn't see too many people wearing them. I always associated bow ties to formal events. And, because my aesthetics leaned more towards the grungy and comfortably lax …

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OOTD: 1238

I'm faced with the reality that, sometimes, the quiet I seek is at the birth of the coming day.  We were busy yesterday- actually, it's been a busy a month... a BUSY year. It's not that anything exceptional or extraordinary happened.... but the adjustment of change is uprooting the old foundation we had as a …

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Gamer Block: May Unboxing

This  box is the reason we fell in love with Gamer Block in the first place. It's jammed packed with collectibles I'm excited to use. The items felt like we were adding things of quality to our growing collection. It had a throw-back feel, which made for a nostalgic unboxing experience.  Memories of me playing Tekken …

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