How to wear boots in the spring

Don't put your boots away just yet. There are ways you can still incorporate them in your spring outfit even during the warmer months. Light denim jacket, light washed jeans, and a cool white graphic tee will give you a more casual vibe. Adding boots will give your get-up a bit of edge. Add some retro must have …

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How to stay motivated

Getting motivated is the easy part, maintaining it is a struggle. My frustrations with unwanted outcomes stems from a lack of direction . It's the same as starting a sentence and not really knowing where you go with it. You hope you string the right words together to form something that makes sense. That doesn't …

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Loot Anime Unboxing: “Work For It!”

Loot Anime Unboxing It's been one of those months- crazy, hectic... no time for much of anything. We're back to our normal routined schedule folks (with a few added projects we've managed to pile upon ourselves). And, I'm loving every minute of it... Still, I got swept into the daily currents of life's demands and …

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