OOTD: Weekend Feels

It’s Saturday and I’m feeling this OOTD. You can easily dress it up or down. It is THAT outfit. This is acceptable in most casual settings. Got a graduation to go to? – here’s a comfortable style that you can wear to dinner afterwards. Tip: Pairing these with Chelsea boots will kick up the dress up factor and still keep its…

OOTD: Friday Feels

It’s Friday! We made it guys… relax and rock out to your own unique style. Here’s an edgy OOTD  perfect for that no hassle & fun filled weekend I hope everyone will have. E njoy!

OOTD: No Excuses

OOTD: No Excuses I celebrated Mother’s Day the only and best way I can… with my family. We had a day jammed packed with a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2), candy (because who can say no to candy shop runs), root beers from glass bottles, and a photography challenge. We also managed to…

OOTD: How to wear a button down shirt casually

OOTD: May 2017 It’s been hot, but still cool enough for a thin button down. We kept it crisp, simple, and added a dash of personality. It’s like Benny (from The Sandlot) all grown up. We’re keeping it cool with aviator specs, converse, skinnies, and the classic white button down.

OOTD: Journey

The thing about personal style is that it can be used to expressed the journey you’re on. Really? Really. How many times has seeing a photo of yourself sporting the past era’s style transport you back to memory lane? I bet, countless times. We incorporate a bit of ourselves in what we wear on a daily basis….

Doing something a little different to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for your support. #worldmoyamoyaday2017 #spreadawareness #Fighter

May 6th- World Moyamoya Day

💙Moyamoya is a rare brain disorder which effects the arteries in your brain. Blood flow is effected. When blood flow is effected too long those with Moyamoya may suffer TIA’s, strokes, siezures and even death. Would you be willing to wear blue 💙 on Saturday, May 6th and other days throughout May to share awareness…

Growth, as I see it.

Growth, as I see it is a sneaky little phenomenon. Often times, we don’t see it creep up on us until our initial goal becomes a daily norm. At that point new aspirations are realized. Captured moments at the park dumped the enormous news that WE have graduated from one phase of our life into…

Loot Anime: March Unboxing

Loot Anime: March Unboxing Never a disappointment! Loot Anime’s curated subscription boxes makes me want to try the other genres Loot Crate offers. It’s just that good… I appreciate the quality, uniqueness, and USEFULNESS each curated box brings. Their usefulness made it easy to  incorporate a lot of/most of the collectibles we received in our daily lives….

Gamer Block: March Unboxing

Better late than never right? Maybe not.  I have about a 30 minute window to take pictures of the items we received  before they go missing. Kind of like life and the opportunities it offers. You tend to miss out  when you procrastinate. But, I also don’t think that the early bird ALWAYS gets the…

Food For Thought

Food for thought: That one thing you might not want to say to parents with children dealing with a medical condition One of the things I didn’t appreciate hearing when our twins were dealing with more extreme medical conditions was that, I just had to chill out. Kids will get sick. The more they’ve experienced it…