Our Disney Vacation

We went to DISNEY!!!!  

I was on vacation mode as soon as we confirmed our 
Disney trip. I had the kids’ clothes packed and ready to go. I’ve Googled and watched as many Youtube videos as I can. It’s been a dream of mine to take the kids there and I wanted this to be a good Disney experience for us. 

It was hot, humid, and it rained. We anticipated this and knew ahead of time to prepare as much as we can for the trip. We found out on our first day that we were NOT completely prepared. There was no beating the heat, but we at least picked clothes that were comfortable and appropriate for our days at the parks. 

We’re not seasoned mouseketeers yet, but we are learning helpful tips from others and from our experiences. We even downloaded apps and are getting a bit more accustomed to the layout of a few of the parks. 

It turns out, winging it and enjoying a leisure attack on the parks is what worked for our us. We didn’t feel stressed and hurried. We were able to check off a few things and let the rides and shows my kids experienced sink in. We kept it simple and decided to do what we missed on our next visits.

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We were there for the experience (after all) in the hopes of building amazing memories. There was no timetable or schedule (although, I must say the fast passes did help!!!!!). We were even able to have the kids grandparents and cousins join us for a day at Animal Kingdom. That added unmeasurable value to our trip. Watching their relationships blossom was heartwarming (more heartwarming than the heat, haha). 

My heart was overflowing with unshed tears (I was able to check myself). My eyes first watered (and many times after that) at one of the first rides I rode with my youngest. Her reaction pulled at my heartstrings and validated the trips’ worth.

This was the reason we were at Disney. As much as I love Disney (before kids), I didn’t see it as I once did when I was younger. However, it gave me insight into what was important to me as a parent. This was for the kids. We could have done something else or saved up for something else, but we chose this for them. It was a humbling experience for me. My heart was exploding. I was thankful for the things we were able to do and appreciate all that we are as a family. 

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