Scars and Growth

My daughter’s scraped knee had me thinking about what we take away from the abrasions of life. 


She’s a very cautious child compared to my other ones. It’s a personality trait she’s come to own.  After dressing her wounds (it wasn’t that bad lol), she told me she was going to make sure she didn’t fall and hurt herself again. I asked her how she was going to do that. Her response was to pay more attention. She understands that she can’t always avoid accidents, but we can try to better an area of our lives that we didn’t think needed improvement. Her serious nature prompts actions that sometimes defy her age. I appreciate her resoluteness. When she decides to do something for herself, she sticks to it.

I often compare my thought process when I was her age, and think, I probably would have repeated the same mistake over and over again. Actually, I still do…. and have many scars to prove it. I sometimes have the habit of making the same mistakes before I work towards a change or improvement in my life. This isn’t really about not falling and gaining scars from our lives, but rather the mentality to understand that sometimes a change is needed to avoid the same circumstances from happening again.


As adults, how many times have we gone through the same loop before breaking free from the  repetition of sameness and little growth ? She’s not even a 1st grader yet, and already she’s showing more signs of maturity and the freedom that comes from working on herself.


I’ve realized through my daughter that the possibility  of growth can stem from the pitfalls and scars of life as long as we allow it. Growth doesn’t just happen. It needs the attention and care from the individual. Like a seed, we need to set it in the right foundation, water it, and give it the nutrients it needs to properly flourish.


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