Finding Inspiration

My “Monday Motivation” is finding inspiration in the simple moments.

During these past few years (all my life if I dig a little deeper), photography has been my outlet. If I wasn’t blogging, I was cupping my hands into circles and looking at the world through my self-made lens. I would squint and blur my eyes to capture moments in different angles and mood. I saw light before I understood what I was seeing. I would slow down and fast forward moments around me like a cinematic film. I found beauty around me before a camera ever touched the tips of my fingers.


I still do all these things. It helps me find inspiration in the mundane. For example, these OOTD photos of my husband were all taken while we cleaned out our car. The setting and circumstance were far from exciting, but to me, it was beautiful. You see, not too long ago we spent most of our times in hospitals. Our experiences shaped our appreciation for these moments we have with each other.


These OOTD photos hold a bit more sentiment. It inspires me keep capturing moments with its untold stories. To some, it’s good content. To me, it’s a special part of our lives. What you don’t see are my kids eating chocolate (that we hope doesn’t get back into the car) and peeking over us while “WE” clean. It just rained, so they were wearing rain coats in the hopes of another shower. We were praying we got done fast enough. I was telling my husband to stop what he was doing (cleaning) every so often so that I can capture that “perfect” angle. He was busy cleaning, watching the kids, and stopping  for my photos. He’s often left with kid duties when I have my camera to my face. It’s hard to tell, but the photos I take are born from our ability to work together.


I often talk about the adventures we have as a family. This is it, most of the time. It’s making ordinary days exceptional. It’s about perspective and mindset. It’s about the joys you take from the simplest things life affords you. It’s quite a challenge, but one that motivate me to keep seeking and making our time together special. 

8 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. It’s always a beautiful thing to see people appreciating the beauty of everyday moments. I’m glad you get to share that together. Photography is a major love of mine as well. Also, I’m loving his outfit!

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