MegaCon 2018

We made it to MegaCon! Going with family and friends made for so many priceless moments. I loved seeing the kids experience this with family. The memories gained from the people we went with left a deep imprint in my sentimental soul. 


We browsed aisles for “fan”tastic artwork, plushies, pins, Funko Pop, and patches. The floor was nostalgia galore. It was interesting to see so many people dressed up as some of   our beloved characters walk amongst the crowd like some futuristic sci-fi movie. 


I marveled at the amount of work people put into their craft.  I wanted to inhale the vibe of the place and marinate in their diligence. This is what dreams are made of isn’t it? Before the art filled booths, there might have been a young artist learning how to draw. It’s not just the “cool stuff” or pictures we collect or take that draws me to these type of conventions… it’s us immersing our kids in a world filled with creativity.819.jpg

The people were kind and encouraged the kids (and adults lol… because come on, I was super psyched) to take part. The amount of creativity I saw in the booths and in the costumes I saw was worth the couple of hours we were able to spend at MegaCon this year. I stepped in knowing that there was going to be a next year.

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