How to stay motivated

Getting motivated is the easy part, maintaining it is a struggle.

My frustrations with unwanted outcomes stems from a lack of direction . It’s the same as starting a sentence and not really knowing where you go with it. You hope you string the right words together to form something that makes sense.

That doesn’t always work. Maintaining motivation is the same.  Clarity gives my confidence a boost. It’s like steps to a dance. There’s a rhyme and reason to it. Without it, my dissatisfaction with the end result stops me from functioning. The frustration sits there until I figure things out. 


In my quest to fuel my motivation in purposeful outlets, I try to be more deliberate in matching what I outwardly project with the beliefs within. I’m learning that I don’t always have an opinion on things right away. After all, there’s alway something to learn. The time to process is a necessity before I’m cemented in my truths.

But, if we had to be honest… how often have we allowed our opinions be dictated by things we usually go along with? We forfeit the positives of interpreting our opinions, stances, and things we passionately back up for the sake of having something to say. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I found that it was something I unawarely (most times) did. 

How do we define ourselves or “find ourselves” if we don’t stop to understand the lines we cross and the causes we back up. Better yet, how can I choose a purposeful direction with a  shallow foundation? 

I realized that I had to address the reality of working towards attaining a more conscious self.  It’s hard. Like most things that are worth it, there’s work involved.


I find myself in uncomfortable situations. I often question myself. I’m forcing myself to be more aware in situations or mindsets that I would have been more dismissive about. It forces me to reflect on the changes I want to make and understand why. It puts a magnifying glass on my character. While others might not hear or see the inner workings inside, there’s a battle that’s constantly raging within. 

Why do it? I owe it to myself to bravely follow who I genuinely want to be. Sometimes, that takes a lot of stripping and raking of the built up facades that we enclosed ourselves in. 

I have a better appreciation of the changes I’ve undergone. Let’s face it, we’re not perfect. Being purposeful doesn’t mean that we’re right. It does allow us the opportunity to refine or transition into a different space of mind and self. Taking the time to have a deep understanding of self makes it easier to stay motivated (easier, not easy… ). The only thing left is to act. 696


Pictures posted are ones taken during this mental process. I was in a rut for a while. My husband introduced me to a place that got my artistic side raging with excitement. Motivated and feeling more comfortable within my frame of mind…. the end results is where it needed to be.

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