Composition: Being Human

I didn’t plan on writing, but something kept gnawing at my consciousness. There was something I needed to express.

I stepped back, took a break, then proceeded to scratch at the membrane separating me from enlightenment. Slowly, I could make out a form. Before long, a definitive picture consummated understanding.

It was the sense of having no control.

His shirt inspired feelings of chaos and discouragement was at the root of the emotional discord. Everyone’s been there, felt it, and been deterred by it.  As the loss of control increases, so does the ascendancy of self-doubt. It often reminds us that things don’t always go our way and that we are not always in control. Life has a funny way of humbling us doesn’t it?


The simple solution would be to brush it off, move forward and keep going right? And yet, in those moments, I found those words lacking. Sometimes it works, other times my mind refuses to “move on.”  There was a disconnect between what I was feeling and a resolution.I’ve found that having a ladder makes getting out of a rut easier. Embracing my capabilities and shortcomings helps me understand myself. It gives me a platform I could work with. I’ve realized that I can either take the emotions as stumbling blocks and push it aside, or I can utilize it to build myself up.


It’s at my most vulnerable moments that  strength is inaugurated. Accepting that I’m discouraged helps me spend less time beating myself up for feeling that way. The less time I spend denying my humanistic tendencies is more time allotted to figure out the reason behind the emotions. This acceptance constructs the predilection for advancement.

One of the hardest things we often have to do is accept that we are humans. We feel, are passionate, and sometimes don’t always follow the reasoning we’ve often dished out to others. But, being human is what makes us powerful. We experience change, challenges and triumphs. We have choices. It makes this life and all the raw emotions worth it.


So, although, we may not always be in control… we  can make the decision to accept reality and work to make something out of it, despite the hardships. It’s not perfect and it’s messy, but it’s a life worth living to the fullest.

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