Just A Phase

I’ve been editing all night. I’m running off of coffee and what little sleep I was able to get this morning.

And yet….I feel great!

I’m thankful for days like these.

The blood coursing through my vessels makes me feel alive, capable and awake. . The warm glow of life’s embers sparks a fire in my soul. Determination pulsates at the opportunity to do more and inhale the sweetness of life’s nectar. I live in the moment and push out a breathy sigh of satisfaction. I am where I need to be and I’m grateful for that. 

I’ve come to realize that my life has not lost its meaning even with an incurable disease. Incurable. What a scary word. But, life is full of scary words and circumstances we can’t always control.

Besides the physical battle against MM, a mental battle ground of self-pity scratches its way to my corporeal realm at opportune times.  It makes me think about my limitations. However, I’m learning to spend more time on the things I can do instead of focusing on the things I can’t. Dwelling on the road blocks only takes time away from the life I could be living. 


I’m creating a version of myself that’s worth being. I’ve become more directional with the template I’m forging myself on because the mold I’ve formed helped find me.  The construction work within gives me clarity and perspective for the renovations of my life. 

Tough, is what I’ve become. When life pushes at me, I push back harder. I hold on tighter. I live on longer. 


And like my life, onward is the path AtypicalDisease is embarking on. It’s the direction I choose to thread on unapologetically. I draw from art, photography, and writing to  express the exaltation and turmoil within. Being able to relate with myself will help me create a clear outward translation. 

 So, post by post…. I move forward, along side family and my goals.



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