OOTD: Lose Yourself

Did you know that we can lose ourselves in two different ways?

One of the ways is our ability to displace our sense of self and time. This usually occurs when we’re so focused on something/someone we lapse into a realm where time and self cease to exist. The focal point enraptures and embodies our psyche. In measured doses, it  propels us closer to an end goal that’s likely to our benefit. An example of this, is the time we invest into the things we’re passionate about to better ourselves. It can be as simple as reading a book and immersing ourselves in its concepts to expand our knowledge and understanding.

Being unable to balance what, when, and how we focus on things can cause a drawback. Personally for me, I can easily obsess over concepts and wanting to understand more of it, that I forgo applying and experience it myself. Photography was like that for me. I hid behind the books I read and the endless videos I watched. It was easier to bury the fear of failure by injecting the excuse of wanting to be more “prepared.” 

The other way we can lose our selves is sometimes referred to as an identity crisis because of our loss of “self psychology.” This usually has the focal point centered around something/someone, but lacks the counter balance of a gain. We mentally clock out, and check into our beneficiary. 

Surprising, we can also use this to our benefit. We often lose parts of ourselves to attain progress. It’s a needed change. We are imperfect to begin with, so shedding the toxic habits and beliefs that affects us negatively sows growth. In a purposeful way, we lose to our old ways and embrace who we can be. 

It’s not a black or white matter. There’s a lot of grey areas, but deep within we know what’s right for us. We define our identity, so it’s only right that we learn how to manage the things we gain and lose about who we are. 



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