Loot Anime Unboxing: “Work For It!”

Loot Anime Unboxing

It’s been one of those months- crazy, hectic… no time for much of anything. We’re back to our normal routined schedule folks (with a few added projects we’ve managed to pile upon ourselves). And, I’m loving every minute of it… Still, I got swept into the daily currents of life’s demands and forgot to just stop and smell the roses. 

Or in this case, open a box full of curated items centered around my family’s favorite past time……anime. The box came in the night before- but we were so tired we couldn’t even pull ourselves together for an unboxing. 

Morning came and our Loot Anime was as good as having that first cup of coffee (almost). The grogginess of sleep crept away as the items were distributed throughout the family. The kids laughed while I got to sit back and enjoy these moments. It’s simple, but it’s ours. The bartering over items, the mystery, the different curated themes each month makes the monthly unboxing a priceless family tradition we’ve adopted. 

My top favorites? I love the Gin Mama Gintoki Sakata Figure. It stands out with its quality and attention to detail. I also appreciate the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Journal. You can never have enough journals. 

Items Received:

  1. Exclusive Bungo Stray Dogs Pouch
  2. Gin Tama Gintoki Sakata Figure
  3. Exclusive Work For It Phone Charm 
  4. Exclusive Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Journal 
  5. Loot Crate Edition Soul Eater Vol. 1 Manga 

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