OOTD: 1238

I’m faced with the reality that, sometimes, the quiet I seek is at the birth of the coming day. 

We were busy yesterday- actually, it’s been a busy a month… a BUSY year. It’s not that anything exceptional or extraordinary happened…. but the adjustment of change is uprooting the old foundation we had as a family. Like sand, time just keeps slipping through my fingers. Our sail is being pushed by a violent gust of wind, eager to take us to new heights, bends, and adventures. Am I up for it? Am I ready?

Maybe. Yes. God, I hope so.

What I need is the the silence to help me accept and allow everything that has happened and is to come seep into the pores of my being. And, sometimes, when I have so much to do… the best thing to do is NOTHING. 

Like nutrients, we need time to digest and ingest a lot of the things we put ourselves through. 

(We went for a very laid back look. The accessories brought a cohesive look that stayed true to my husband’s personality. It showcased his interest and his appreciation of good, durable, and quality items. A good take away is to go for things that inspire you. Even when it’s laid back… embedding bits and pieces of yourself in your wardrobe adds uniqueness that won’t go unnoticed. Plus, it’s fun. )

So here I am at 12:38am… finally able to catch up with myself.

The tapping sound of the keyboard brings me peace. This outright acceptance that what I need to do is process “this,”  chips the stiffness away. 

Am I ready for the next challenge? Yes, absolutely.

Remember to find time…time to listen to YOURSELF and just digest. Give yourself that break before jumping back into the pool of things. Don’t go into the future bloated by the past. 

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