OOTD: Time is an Illusion

Time is an illusion

Ever watch a movie in slow motion? Ever fast forward to your favorite part? The speed at which we watch things triggers the senses. It makes us feel and digest the information differently. 

I used to play a game with my eyes as a little girl.  I would try to see things in slow motion, fast forward, zoom in and out, focus in, and blur things out. I remember cupping my hands into two crescent moons, connecting them to create a circle, closing one eye, and recording the world in that fashion. 

Playing the game gave me a different perspective on things. The way I saw things became integral in my life. It trained me to see the same things differently. It made me see this world as a beautiful oasis. Sometimes, you have to cup your hands and dial in on it- but, it’s there. 

Sight became one of the main backdrops used to tell stories-  lives. Eyes became an optic gear. The brain edits the information and invokes the senses. Then, emotion is born. It incites our thoughts to dig deeper and imagine the unthinkable. 

(Try wearing graphic tees with different colored pants. Don’t just pick a different hue of blue. Bold color changes in the normal things can add a much needed upgrade in any wardrobe. And, changing just on piece of the wardrobe is  a lot kinder on any budget)

So how exactly is time an illusion? 

How we measure our time in minutes, hours, days, months, and years is something that doesn’t really change. It’s like the last movie you watched. Let’s say that the duration of the film was 1hr 25 minutes. We can time that in seconds, minutes, or milliseconds… but it’s all going to still add up to that 1hr 25 minutes. What changes is how we FEEL to pass the time. 

An example would be a film you love- it has your attention. You just can’t take your eyes off the screen. It’s nail biting and it has you on edge. You’re living that 1hr 25 minutes faster than that movie that dragged EVERYTHING ON. You literally had to forcibly keep your eyes open to watch it through. That’s the illusion of time. 

In life, how we watch, edit, and experience it is important. So slow down, fast forward, skip a few scenes…. do whatever you need to do to make your life yours. Be the director that makes a film that enraptures your attention, not drags you along for a mediocre finale. 


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