Loot Anime Unboxing: Action Comedy

Theme: Action Comedy

Some people are anime experts. Others, casual fans. Me? I’m that other type. I watch the same anime, forget I watched it, then watch it again… only to realize at episode 5 that this was a repeat occurrence. 

I don’t have a long list of anime to pull quotes or references from. But, I do enjoy it. Loot Anime feeds my needs- it’s my “what to check out next” cheat sheet. Having the themes tell YOU what category they fall under is a godsend. This month’s theme is one of my favorites- mostly because it’s the type of anime/manga I  tend to gravitate to. 

… even it it wasn’t, Loot Anime has made me a little bit more ambitious with the genres I have yet to explore. 

More than anything- Loot Anime is an outlet that charges the common interest my family enjoys sharing. We have fun passing the items around and figuring out who gets what. Adding quality collectibles to our collection isn’t bad either. 

My top favorites this month? The Trigun exclusive shirt (who walks around with a Trigun shirt?… this family, that’s who.) I can’t wait to frame the FLCL Art Print- it’s going to look perfect on our wall. And, because I can’t watch One-Punch man without laughing- it has a place on my top favorites. 

Items we received:

  1. Exclusive One-Punch Man Figure 2- Pack
  2. Exclusive FLCL Art Print
  3. Exclusive Kitty Action Comedy Phone Charm
  4. Exclusive High School DxD Art Print
  5. Exclusive Trigun: Badlands Rumble T-shirt
  6. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Vol.1 Manga


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