OOTD: Everyday Hero

Heroes seems to be latest obsession. It’s not a new trend, but technology is changing how heroic icons is delivered to the masses.

What’s the draw? I think that it’s a relief from the daily norm. The story behind the heroes we gravitate to inspires us and involves us in a controlled world with a definite beginning, middle, and an end. It may not always be a happy ending, but there’s usually a take away.

Stepping back into our realistic realm is the challenge. How do you come back from the motivational high?

I think what we often miss out on is the credit we owe ourselves. The daily grind is no joke. It takes strength from within to carve our own way into the unpredictability of this world. Forget the on screen heroes, we are our own hero.


Identify your own unique ability. The pursuit of knowledge of self and the surrounding world will help unlock the potential. Hone it  to shield yourself and love ones from everyday tribulations. Harness it to meet goals and conquer new quests.

Know that while the edited screen time of our favorite heroes motivates us to a movement of our own, we are essentially the main character of our life. There’s no rewrite. There’s the rise and fall of us. We experience and make plans. Our take away? Life, experiences, growth, and a personal strength that continues to gain muscle from it all. 

*** This OOTD captures the everyday man. We wanted to incorporate his sport jacket and knit tie casually. The materials and colors is a perfect every day look. Any hero can sport this look to tackle the challenges of this world on any given day***

Don’t let the fear of failing be your kryptonite. You won’t know how far you will go, if you never get up and start. Expect more and push the envelope. You owe yourself your own grand adventure. Be an everyday hero. Save yourself and live.


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