Gamer Block: May Unboxing

This  box is the reason we fell in love with Gamer Block in the first place. It’s jammed packed with collectibles I’m excited to use. The items felt like we were adding things of quality to our growing collection. It had a throw-back feel, which made for a nostalgic unboxing experience. 

Memories of me playing Tekken or Street Fighter kept playing in my mind. The flashbacks were welcomed. And, it was great to share that with our little ones.

Favorite items would be the Tekken comic book, shield pin, and the Assassin’s Creed pint glasses.  The shield pin felt sturdy and had a nice design. The pint glasses looked really sophisticated. I love that it had simplistic designs, which added to its quality.


Items Received:

1. Rive downloadable Steam game

2. Shield Pin

3. Street Fighter V Blind Box

4. Tekken #1

5. Assassin’s Creed 2-Pack Pint Glasses

6. World of Warcraft T-shirt

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