OOTD: Vibe

I remember being confused by the different starting points they placed us in track. We had one goal and one end. But, why did we start at different places?

It messed with my head at first. But, once the race started…. I was off like a bullet fired from a gun. I had one target in mind and I put all my efforts into accomplishing it.

That’s a lot like life. We often assume, question, notice, or perceive the different starting points we make off with. And yet, it shouldn’t stop there.

 It’s your starting point. Take it all in and strategize ways to be at an advantage. Knowing an end point (your goals/dreams) will give you an edge. Rather than aimlessly firing off, it makes it easier to overcome hurdles when you know which direction you have to go after picking yourself up.

Set your vibe. Set your mood. Set your life goals.

** Our OOTD has an edge to it and is summer storm ready. It’s functional and fits the vibe we were going for.

Rebel against the limitations you placed upon yourself. Set yourself up. Give yourself a chance. **

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