OOTD: Summer

Timing and preparation is the first step into the evolution of your goals.  Think of your goals as a kite. You check the weather, find the best place to fly your kite, and wait for the wind to take it away. The wind serves as the opportunities life has to offer. Ready or not, it will come …

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OOTD: Everyday Hero

Heroes seems to be latest obsession. It's not a new trend, but technology is changing how heroic icons is delivered to the masses. What's the draw? I think that it's a relief from the daily norm. The story behind the heroes we gravitate to inspires us and involves us in a controlled world with a definite …

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Gamer Block: May Unboxing

This  box is the reason we fell in love with Gamer Block in the first place. It's jammed packed with collectibles I'm excited to use. The items felt like we were adding things of quality to our growing collection. It had a throw-back feel, which made for a nostalgic unboxing experience.  Memories of me playing Tekken …

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