OOTD: Journey

The thing about personal style is that it can be used to expressed the journey you’re on. Really? Really.

How many times has seeing a photo of yourself sporting the past era’s style transport you back to memory lane? I bet, countless times.

We incorporate a bit of ourselves in what we wear on a daily basis. It changes throughout the years, but the habit of doing it stays the same.

My husband’s outfit seemed appropriate for this post. The denim jacket he’s wearing, though ordinary, says a lot about the man. It’s functional with an edge.

His comfort level with the way he expresses himself translates in the detail, color, and fit of his wardrobe. He’s definitely “triumph”ant  in owning his style. The black denim is a good choice for the cool(er) nights and hot day we experienced. His vintage tee was soft, thin, and a great color to the otherwise dark color scheme. His hat game was on point. It look rich, unique, and oddly simple all at the same time. It really brought everything together. It gives me perspective of the man, himself. It gives insight for his appreciation of  quality, uniqueness, and the simple things in life.

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