Growth, as I see it.

Growth, as I see it is a sneaky little phenomenon. Often times, we don’t see it creep up on us until our initial goal becomes a daily norm. At that point new aspirations are realized.

Captured moments at the park dumped the enormous news that WE have graduated from one phase of our life into another plane of reality. Park days were both a break and homework for us back then.

Our twins were born as micro-preemies. So, we were muddled with mixed emotions when we left the hospital. We were knee deep in our happiness, insecurities, and fear.  We managed to stay afloat even after what felt like endless therapies and appointments. Even our outings were used as a physical therapy tool to help gain confidence in the simple task of walking for our twins. It was one goal to accomplish after another. There was a lot of one step up, and MANY STEPS back.

But, here we are…. running, jumping, falling up and down, and making every step count towards improvement. These moments  signifies where we are in our life. It’s our goal reached and new ones made intersection. 

And, it gives me hope. It swells up and balloons deep inside, feeding my iron clad resolve to push for a better tomorrow… one normal day at a time.

So, don’t give up. Change and growth happens. It’s up to us to steer it in this journey we call life. Where are you headed? 

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