Gamer Block: March Unboxing

Better late than never right? Maybe not.

 I have about a 30 minute window to take pictures of the items we received  before they go missing. Kind of like life and the opportunities it offers. You tend to miss out  when you procrastinate. But, I also don’t think that the early bird ALWAYS gets the worm. There’s a season and timeframe  for most things in life.

Too often we let excuses deter us from MAKING the time to do the things we want to do.

Oh, we missed out… guess that’s just too bad right? No, follow up! At least try, if it’s not meant to be then plan for something else. 

Balance it well. Don’t just dive into everything. Putting too much on your plate is almost the same as missing out on a good thing. Getting there too fast doesn’t always get you the results you want. Being prepared has a higher turn out rate for a better outcome.

All this from an unboxing? Haha, I guess so. Our unboxings is a great example of us not missing out on a good thing. But, it took the conscious effort to budget and make sure we can afford this luxury. Just like anything in life, budget a space solely intended to accomplish your life dreams and aspirations. This includes your time, effort, and perseverance.

Favorite Items:

I love the virtual realty glasses. It feels like they put a little bit more effort into the curated collectibles they select for their members. The key chains and the umbrella pins are also my favorites. I’m a sucker for these types of accessories. Oh, and the Nerd Block Magazine is a nice little extra bonus. Great presentation and the added reading material makes for an interesting unboxing. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

Items Received:

1. Virtual Reality Glasses

2. Mass Effect Andromeda Key Chains 2-Pack

3. Umbrella Pin

4. Lucius

5 Dead T-Shirt

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