Food For Thought

Food for thought:
That one thing you might not want to say to parents with children dealing with a medical condition
One of the things I didn’t appreciate hearing when our twins were dealing with more extreme medical conditions was that, I just had to chill out. Kids will get sick. The more they’ve experienced it the better their immune system would be. You know, because that’s what the study shows…
I knew that most people were trying to help and it came from a good place. So, I usually nodded my way through it.
It’s a sensitive subject…but, it’s probably something you should keep to yourself. Mothers, fathers, and the family members who have experienced firsthand the devastation a common cold could mean to some of these children with medical conditions, do wish it was that simple. Usually, they’re trying to repair and grow something within(most of the time some type of vital organ that would have otherwised been okay if it developed at a healthy rate.), and can’t afford these “minor” set backs. Trust me, we want to get to that point. We want to get through a cold without having to worry about a trip to the E.R. or yet another hospital stay.
Also, sometimes… we don’t have a choice in the matter. Being sick, can push back needed surgeries for our children.
To the parents/caretakers/family/friends to/with kids who have moyamoya or other medical conditions, you guys are amazing!
Just food for thought..

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