Family Day: Roots

Family Day

There’s something magical about the bond of my family. The strength we draw from each other and the strength we carry on our own is out of this world.

Recently, we’ve been able to find time again to have family leisure time. Most parents know how difficult that can be. Making time for this is like adding that mask in our beauty routine. But, sometimes we  have to unclog the pores of our life and cleanse our systems with something good… something healthy.

Speaking of healthy, our now 4-year old twins had a fantastic time depleting a large bag of popcorn halfway through the viewing of Beauty and the Beast (great movie by the way!) followed by more snacks at Starbucks. In our world, time together as a family is as magical as Harry’s time at Hogwarts.

If you would have told me 8 years ago that THIS would be my life, I wouldn’t believe you. Back then, my husband and I just started to date. We would stay up all night talking and STILL be able to be a beast at work. Now, we have a weekly schedule we follow. We still talk all night, but now we have 3 little ones to add to our circle. The best way to describe the metamorphosis of my life is that the past would be my Harry Potter years. Now, we are living in the Fantastic Beast and where to find them era. It’s a whole different story, but still has a deep sense of the past. We have evolved, but magic is still our root.

I couldn’t even envision the type of deep love I could experience between my husband and kids. And, yet, here I am with my long stretches of joy and infinite entertainment. In the past, I was constantly trying to find that “something.” 

I found my something, and more.

Make time for what’s important. You only get one life. One many moments before it’s gone. I am so thankful for all the moments made and we will continue to make.

And, to my best friend, my confidante, the love of my life… Happy Anniversary, my love.


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