Working on my balance

I did martial arts for years. It came easy to me… but I lacked the understanding behind the movements.

Understanding conceptualized the significance of learning things right early on. Like I tell my kids, you have to have a strong foundation for the towers you are making. Even, then you can only balance so much before it topples over.

In life, we can only balance so much before we start dropping the ball.

One of the important things I worked on was my balance in Taekwondo. One of the exercises I did was balancing on one foot after another. The trick was finding a focal point. I found that when my focus wandered too much, my balance suffered. In life, when we don’t stop to find our purpose… it’s easier to wander and leave things unfinished. You’ll keep putting your foot down and spend less time developing your sense of balance.

Another thing I learned was that footing was just as important as the balance exercises. Practicing my stances and being more purposeful about it gave me a solid foundation. It was harder to push me back or down. I exerted minimal effort to support myself against attacks. In life, don’t underestimate the power of preparation. It doesn’t mean that you won’t get knocked down. But, it may happen less.

One of the last things I learned was that I had to be aware of my whole being. Being more self aware gave me more control. It didn’t mean that I wouldn’t ever fall… but I did learn how to fall. You see, it’s how we react after being let down that’s important. When you learn how to fall.. you realize that you’re one step ahead of getting yourself back up. You’re also able to block and counter attacks that life throws at you. And, in this way… life becomes richer. Like all things, application is key. To have a good balance… we have to keep striving to work on it and allow for change to happen to excel.

Don’t drop the ball. Find your balance. Live life intentionally.

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