Working on my balance

I did martial arts for years. It came easy to me... but I lacked the understanding behind the movements. Understanding conceptualized the significance of learning things right early on. Like I tell my kids, you have to have a strong foundation for the towers you are making. Even, then you can only balance so much before it topples over. …

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OOTD: Oasis

Oasis Sometimes life hits you... and then sometimes it bull dozes you with a semi truck.  Doctor appointments, cleaning, work, a super cold that never goes away.... and even MORE cleaning. What's with ALL of this laundry? Laundry owns my life. How do we keep our sanity? We find an oasis. We make do with what we …

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Loot Anime February Unboxing

Theme: Together We got our monthly subscription of Loot Anime last Friday. As always, I was impressed by curated collectibles they selected for February's box. My family was just as excited as I was to rip into it. It felt like Christmas morning and we all got something we really liked. The collectibles made me want to start …

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