3 Easy Going Outfit Ideas

3 Easy Going Outfit Ideas

Give me a good pair of converse, vintage tee, and a pair of pants that doesn’t squeeze the life out of you… and I’m good to go! Here’s a few ways to freshen up that look without having to outdo yourself.

Three things to consider:

1. Cost effective

– Most of us already have the bare essentials this outfit needs. Got that favorite tee faded from constant wear? SWAG. Admit it, we pay a pretty penny buying shirts to look and feel like the quality of our soft, very loved, and perfect fitting shirt (or denim). It knows you.. you know it. Wear it proudly.

2. Quality items on clearance

– Don’t be afraid to hit the clearance rack at your favorite store(s)… I find that a lot of people avoid the “more expensive brands” because it can be hard to justify paying for that $60 pair of pants. HAVE NO FEAR… there’s a trick to getting things at a bargained price. THE CLEARANCE RACK. Believe it or not, most of the items he’s wearing were bought at a fraction of the price. That $45 plaid button up? Less than $10 bucks. Yup, even the pants! It’s great because he gets to sport some his favorite brands AND not skimp on the quality of the product. Also, use coupon codes for your in store and online shopping (don’t forget about online shopping).

3. Keep it simple. Adding a few things here and there to add flare, but keeping the basics often produces a more polished look.

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