Loot Anime January Unboxing: D

So, I’ve failed to post our unboxing experience with Loot Anime in the last couple of months. I’m sorryyy!! They’ve been great boxes, by the way! This is also one of the biggest reasons I end up forgetting to do the unboxing for our Loot Anime. The collectibles they send in the box has a mysterious way of disappearing from the box! How? Why? … because the curated boxes have stuff we REALLY LIKE!

I’m loving the different themes they come up with every month. It’s refreshing and a great way for us to get into different genres of the Anime world. Not a bad thing for the small price we pay for this subscription box.

I think the best thing about this box would be the “reading material” we get. My oldest child is starting to read (okay, this may be extremely premature but I AM A PROUD MAMA BEAR) and the monthly manga or graphic novels they provide pulls her into the world of reading. Plus, it speaks to her artistic side. Yes, we have to screen a lot of the content and make sure the material is appropriate for her. But, that’s why the different themes are helpful. It’s definitely made our Barnes & Noble trips a lot more interesting.

My favorites this month? The Sword Art Online I socks and the Re: Zero Rem & Ram Picture Frame. Do you know how expensive socks are? Themed ones at that? They’re little pieces of fabric that cost you a fortune! It’s dramatic I know, but I don’t understand the outrageous prices I’ve seen out there. The picture frame speaks to my inner budding photographer. And, it’s reversible. It’s the perfect frame! Two pictures in one space, SPACE SAVING!

I’m stuck and I don’t want to come out. Loot Anime, job well done!


What did we get?

  1. Yume Dimension Charm
  2. Log Horizon Light Novel
  3. Sword Art Online II Asuna Figure
  4. No Game No Life T-Shirt
  5. Sword Art Online I Socks
  6. Re: Zero Rem & Ram Picture Frame

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