Gamer Block January Unboxing

This unboxing came at a crucial time. I’ve been shipwrecked for weeks and this box pulled me right out of the chaos of adulting.

February’s been kicking my butt! God help me, it’s only the beginning of the month. I feel like waving a little white flag in defeat… On second thought, never mind. That requires clean linen, which means I’d have to do laundry. NOPE!

 Arcade Block’s recent metamorphosis had my husband and me waiting in anticipation. Arcade Block is now called Gamer Block. This subscription offers 2 types of boxes in this genre, Mature and E for Everyone. We decided to try the Mature (version) of Gamer Block. I was curious to see what they would offer…. and wondered How TASTEFUL the contents of the box would be.

Answer, not bad! My inner mom and nerd approved. It was late when we opened the box, but we  woke  up “real quick” once my husband started to pass each item around. My soon to be 5 year old daughter snagged the “dinosaur” shirt. I guess that’s that. Seeing that it’s her birthday month, the box probably looked like it had her in mind.

 The change in Gamer Block was a good call. I think that they really had their customers in mind. Who doesn’t want more choices? I also thought that the Nerd Block magazine included in the box was a nice upgrade from the cards we used to get. Besides listing off the contents of the box, it was nice to have some reading material. Plus, we like to collect things. That… or I’m a hoarder. Either way, they did good!

My favorites this month would be the Fallout Bobble Head and the Metal Gear Solid Cardboard Box Pin. Both have quickly found a comfortable purpose in our life. One of them (the bobble head) found it’s place on our coffee table, the other on my husband’s hat.

These unboxings have the effect of melting  away the demands of reality  and cocoons us in an alternate realm. It’s a good break from the hard work we put in. Receiving our reward in “nerd” collectibles?  I call that #winning.


What did we get?

  1. Fallout Bobble Head
  2. Sniper Elite 4 Light With Reticle
  3. Metal Gear Solid Cardboard Box Pin
  4. Revenge of the Shinobi Art Print
  5. Event [0]
  6. Tomb Raider T-shirt

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