The Promises Kept

We had a dragon to slay and  unicorns to tame today. I need magic, not make-up. Adrenaline, not coffee. I had blood shot eyes, eye bags underneath my eye bags, and greasy hair…. Screw, Monday.

While I marinated in my workload, they spent quality time completing their quest. At which point, a promised was made. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but the later it got…the more exhausted we felt. Our energy, depleted.

Disappointment marred her face when, like Grim, I terminated the lifespan of our promise. We  were Lancelot  to her Arthur. There was no meltdown only the silence of her thoughts. It reminded me of times when, as a child, promises were broken.

The letdowns didn’t make sense to our immature minds, but we experience the emotional roller coaster of disappointment nonetheless. We sampled a taste of understanding today. We were exhausted! Fighting beasts and taming magical creatures is hard work.

She was sunshine and daffodils in the folds of her musical paradise. Not quite heaven, not quite earth. The only thing missing in  her realm was an elixir to revive energy. Add a dash of miracle cream in our coffee please, we need it.

You’re spoiling her. You’re human, you’re allowed to break a few promises. Maybe. Do you remember times when your parents didn’t do what they said they would, but expected you to keep all of your promises? How did it feel? How did it shape you?

My parenting has a lot to do with what shaped me as a kid. It’s important that I keep my promises.  It’s about taking ownership and being purposeful. No lip service.

We can’t guarantee who they choose to be, but  I want my actions to add to the quality of their experiences not take away.

 Words have the power to strengthen bonds when our action can match it. Who knows, maybe they’ll forget. Maybe it won’t matter. Everyone’s different. But, I refuse to let an intentional crack crumble a lifetime of work in our family’s foundation.

We ended our dragon slaying day in a room drenched in the sound of our memories. It vibrated with the off-beat thumping of a drum and the strum of notes you could easily lose yourself to.

She didn’t ask for things, she wanted an experience. How could we not make the time? 

We let the promises we keep shape our circumstances and our bond.

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