Shirt Block December 2016 Unboxing

Hellooo, Shirt Block. How we’ve missed you! Literally. We missed November’s box… and that was something I REGRET!! But, tears dried… here we are at yet another unboxing.

You know that it’s a good subscription when you know nothing about some of the themes but LIKE IT anyways. Being pretty new to this nerdom lifestyle…these types of subscriptions are a great way to get started. I discovered my favorite new shows or movies through the collectibles (or in this case the shirts) they curate in the boxes.


One of the best things about this month’s collection is that the prints are HUGE! You can’t miss the detail or the artwork. It’s literally right there in your face (you don’t have to look really close… they’ve got you covered). Their exclusive shirt comes from Coinbox Tees… from the looks of it, I’d purchase from them in the future. The print’s color is vivid and beautiful. It doesn’t look faded and the artwork is pretty impressive. It made it into one of our OOTD. My husband sported the red eye-catching tee with a plaid shirt, denim jacket, and rip jeans. He finished off the edgy get-up with a wide-brim Goorin Bros. hat, Chelsea boots, and leather bands. I’d say from the looks of it, he’s ready to kick butt… or at least make it to the nearest Barnes & Noble store to read up on the Scott Pilgrim series.

 ::Clap,Clap:: Good job on a variety of different colored shirts and quality prints. Never boring, indeed, Shirt Block.

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