Arcade Block December 2016 Unboxing

Just because Christmas has passed doesn’t mean the gifting has ended in this household. At least, that’s what it felt like when we received our Arcade Block. Our kids seem to agree… they gathered close and held onto the collectibles they most liked instead of passing it around like we usually do. They especially liked the Game Boy Flashlight Key Chain. Me too! When you live in Florida, little things like this can be especially helpful during a storm. We’ve experience countless outages during the stormy season (basically all year)… this item is both cool and useful.

Notice that we have TWO shirts?! It’s NOT a mistake. Well, kind of. Our last Arcade Block was minus a shirt. I contacted the Nerd Block team and received a prompt response. They apologized for the mistake (hey, mistakes happen… and this is the first we’ve experienced with them in over a year ). They promised to send an extra shirt in the next block. Okay, I thought… this would be a great test. I received a fast response from customer service, but would they be able to follow through with their promise. THEY DID. Thumbs up for the follow through, this is why I’m a fan. I’ve been burnt before by other companies who dropped the ball… They made me feel like just another number, replaceable. Not in this case. And, I’m relieved because they’re one of my favorite subscription box so far.  Thanks for not letting our family down Arcade Block!

To top everything off their product of the month, Zelda Glass Candle Holder, is top of the line! The glass candle holder with it’s vivid design makes it look and feel like you’re holding quality. I’m a BIG FAN OF CANDLES. I literally have one lit each day (it’s pretty and saves on electricity, lol). So, I felt that this was made with me in mind. I love the unique piece because it’s tall in design, it’s eye catching. This is a great way to start our year, Arcade Block.


Items Received:

1. Exclusive Zelda Glass Candle Holder

2. Exclusive Overwatch T-shirt

3. Extra shirt for November’s Block

4. Exclusive Assassin’s Creed Plush

5. Exclusive Game Boy Flashlight Key Chain

6. Exclusive Megaman Field Guide

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