Rearview Mirror

It’s been one heck of a week. For the last few days, I’ve experienced a constant dull headache, pressure, and disorientation. Yesterday was the worse. A migraine wanted to also make it on the list of symptoms. Through all of this, I was mom, wife, and worked my part time job. This isn’t normal. This isn’t anything new. It’s something that I feel a lot of us (dealing with Moyamoya or other types of disease) have to go through. Life doesn’t stop for us. We experience the pain AND still try to meet life’s demands.

Sometimes, we look completely “normal.” Healthy, even. But, sometimes… it takes all of our energy to keep it together.

I had to learn when to rest, push, and deal. I am fortunate… fortunate because I do have a strong support team from my family. My husband and kids picked up the pieces when I was stuck on our couch… unmoving and praying the pain away. These moments JUST SUCK. There’s no way around it. There’s no cure.

But, I believe there is hope. Through awareness, I hope to find a cure one day. My treatment for now is to keep trekking forward. Today, I’m not backing up… I’m putting my life on drive and set my sights on the future. The rearview mirror reminds me of the past… and what I’m working towards.

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