Over The Top

Reflection: Final Point

Over the top, I’ve heard this phrase used often enough. Some use it to criticized others or to poke fun at something we don’t understand. Sometimes, it’s a way for us to boast about our inner diva(ness) or princely attributes…

“That person is soooo over the top.” “She is so EXTRA.” “Too much.”

I see it as a chance to give my life a little lift…. a rejuvenation of some sort. This phrase CAN be useful. Think of it as the perfect moisturizer (if you’ve ever found the right one… you’ll know how important that is.) I found that, just like our daily beauty routine we invest so much money in … investing in the life we have is just as important.

It reminded me of a movie I once saw. They used a car as an example to explain life and faith.

In it, they explain that you basically can have a beautiful looking car.. but without the flywheel, you’re not going ANYWHERE. It’s the same in life. Investing in all of the beautiful things and going over the top with it sounds like a dream, but it can’t buy you inner peace.

It can’t buy you an appreciation of the simple things. It won’t allow you to see all of the beauty all around that can’t ever be bought by any amount of money.  It’s priceless. It’s that EXTRA “thing” we all need in our life.

Sounds vague? It is. It’s different for everyone, because we all need very different things. Living my life in an over the top way means that I am doing an internal version of a 10 step Korean beauty regiment. What does that even mean? It means that I’m paying close attention to my development mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I’m making steps to preserve and heal myself. I need it because life is like climbing a mountain. It’s filled with challenges and many adventures. There is continuous growth and learning. And, in the process… also the pampering and healing we need to fortify our strength within. So, live loudly. Live OVER THE TOP. Drive that car… things fall apart when they sit too long in one place.


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