What’s Our Story? Find out…

Usually when I visit an unfamiliar place, my mind races with questions demanding an answer faster than I can provide. I hope that my aimless attempt at reason can somehow string the information together into data I can understand.

Visiting a new blog can sometimes feel like that. The veterans know what to do, know what to expect, and know where to find what they need. Me, at a new site, is quite the opposite. My brain needs a reason, a story, a purpose of some sort. I want to know that even though I happened upon their blog, and although it may not be my niche, I understand what they offer and what they’re about. It’s easier to find some type of connection to them. The disconnect usually ends up with me leaving the blog. This totally sucks, I hate missing out on a good thing.

Which got me thinking… newcomers feel the same way when they come to my blog. Crap.  I know, I know… you’re on the third paragraph and you still don’t get what Atypical Disease is all about. Good news, you found something interesting enough in this post to keep reading up to this point. We connected, kind of.

My posts aren’t always about sunshine and butterflies (maybe a unicorn).  I expose that so that  LIVING MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST and LIVING A MORE POSITIVE LIFE isn’t just a bumper sticker slogan.

Finally, bullet points. More like it right? I aim to please….

  • You’ll find Nerd related unboxings (mostly from Loot Anime and Nerd Block).
  • Our OOTD post usually has an explanation about why we chose to feature it. It’s just another way for me to  motivate others to embrace their uniqueness. The rules is as follows, love who you are and build your confidence on a good foundation. You’ll find a lot of menswear inspiration, nerd inspiration, and anything that we’re inspired by… not so much what’s always in season.
  • We feature DIY post
  • Parenting, marriage, life hacks, and motivation? I have those too….
  • I want to spread moyamoya awareness
  • This is me, documenting my life, for myself… family… friends… and now you.

What ties all of this together? …. It’s the fact that I have an incurable brain disease, and in spite of it I fill my life with depth that adds meaning to my circumstance. I want to spread hope, motivate, and get people to think outside of their current situation. My aspiration is that by exposing the normal AND the vulnerable part of my life, it will reach many who have felt the weight of the world on their shoulders know they’re not alone.

Unload, you’re welcome here. You’re welcome to build upon yourself, your family, and the things you are passionate about. You’re welcomed to experience the highs and the lows of life. My family and I are doing just that. It doesn’t discount the hardships, but it does lift up the efforts you put into adding a quality of living that’s built on substance.  So, if you’re only here for one posts… two… or for all that I end up writing… I hope you find the courage and the inspiration to tackle life with all that you’ve got. It’s worth it, you’re worth it.


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