OOTD: Chipped & Chilled

Moyamoya disease hasn’t conquered me, but it has shattered the naive belief of invinsibility. It came as a curse and as a blessing. At one point of the spectrum, I’m as fragile as a chipped Bizen Chawan. On the other, I’m as strong as the process that the chawan went through to become its unique form. I can only get better over time. The heating and cooling process are all apart of my endurnce, value, and life force. It is me.  


However, unlike the chawan … I am a living, breathing, and ever changing being. Life is my fire and coolant. My actions are intentional, I am not an object used by this  disease. Rather, I fight it. 


Blood courses through  my veins, Blood-flow that is even more important to my well-being. But, just as this is invisible to the naked eye, so it seems  is the knowldege  and awareness of moymoya disease.  That’s how I feel sometimes. 


We live in a world where news of what a celebrity might be wearing, an outcome of a game, or what  some cute cat did online can travel within minutes nationwide. And yet, something that kills people simply from a misdiagnosis goes unnoticed. It’s frustrating and disheartning. 


Slowly, things are moving. There’s a movement in the chaos. My inner circle is learning and sharing. Even though it seems like this big-little world is the same as it was, the ripples are growing larger! My world, with everyone I have encountered, has evolved tremendously. So, I just want to say …..THANK YOU. The impact that you have made has mended my perception and hope of finding a cure. And, like that cup…. I aged even more beautifully strong because of the decency of those around me. 

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***This OOTD is for those lazy days that you don’t want to put too much effort into dressing up. I opted for trousers that were more like joggers (The material was soft and it didn’t feel constricting like some trousers may feel). Typically a graphic tee can help spruce up an otherwise very laid back outfit. This time around, I opted for a jersey instead with a big printed logo to keep it from being too mundane. Throw on some shades for days you don’t want to spend too much time perfecting your make-up. To top it off, I thought the plaid was a great layering piece that worked with the casual feel of the outfit. It’s also a great color break. Slid into my favorite pair of converse, and off I go!***

5 thoughts on “OOTD: Chipped & Chilled

  1. The Sartorial Coquette

    you’re so inspirational!! it is better to embrace, rather than fight, the things in life you cannot change… everyone at some point in their life faces a misfortune, but how they react to it is what makes a person special. I love your positivity (+ style) ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. Thank you… It’s been a process, but I am grateful to those around me who reminded me along the way that I shouldn’t throw away all that I am blessed with because of one single misfortune.

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