October Loot Anime Unboxing

October’s Loot Anime box was surprisingly on point. I was a bit skeptical about the theme for October (it was centered around food).  After opening the box… that all melted away. It was cuteness overload, THEN they added a Naruto Ramen Bowl to raise the bar even more.

The ice cream charm was deliciously adorable. I mean… look at that miniature spoon. Cute miniatures are always welcomed. The Manga they provided this month looked like something I would have picked up, begin reading, and end up spending my whole day in a bookstore. We’ve all done it, then you end up buying and collecting the series you spent a whole afternoon already reading. LOL!  

One of my other favorites is the Gudetama Plush. I can’t get enough of it. I got a kick out of the little egg wrapped in bacon. It’s actually sitting on display on top of our candy bowl, because we obviously can’t deprive our guest of this little guy. The biggest and best surprise is the Naruto Ramen Bowl. It doesn’t even warrant an explanation. It’s just epic. It’s a NARUTO RAMEN BOWL! You want to eat ramen? Why not eat it in an awesome bowl…. Loot Anime has a  habit of curating great exclusive collectibles and adding that BANG item. It’s that special piece that just hits you with amazement. It definitely has our family excited for Loot Anime each month. We’re hooked.

The apron isn’t in this picture.  It was somewhere in the house currently being used some way or other by the littles and me. 😛


Items Received:

1. Exclusive Food Wars! Kumabear Cosplay Apron

2. Exclusive Delicious Phone Charm

3. Naruto Ramen Bowl

4. Exclusive Sweetness and Lightning Manga Vol. 1

5. Himouto! Umaru-Chan “I love Cola” Trading Figure

6. Exclusive Gudetama Plush

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