Oh Christmas Tree …

The tree is up! I’ve been fighting the urge to put our Christmas tree up since the day after Halloween. I almost caved MANY times…

As most of you know, we’re a bunch of nerds! It’s okay… we like it that way. One of our biggest obsession is anything having to do with Star Wars. Our kids’ enthusiasm gives them the ability to name more characters from the Star Wars saga than they can Princesses. That’s love. It makes movie nights with the fam a breeze when we can’t figure out what to watch. Make a marathon out of it… and we’re gravy.

Star Wars also made it into our Christmas décor this year. The kiddos were psyched and kept asking when “Darth Vader” was going up. Well, it’s up… and we “do not fear the dark side…” Lol!

DSC_0331 (2).JPG

All Star Wars and Christmas décor aside… putting the tree up in our home is more than just having a cool or pretty tree. It’s all about the time we get to spend together. It’s a bonus that we are able to decorate the way we want to. But, the substance comes from the memories we build. Thus, a tradition was born. I wanted this to be an experience they look forward to each year. And, even as toddlers… they remember the fun and warmth it brought us.

Without having to be told, they remembered what needed to be done. They did the “hard” work of waiting for me to thread certain ornaments so that they can be hung. They worked even harder hooking the rest of the ornaments. It’s a time of silence, concentration, patience, laughter, and unadulterated joy. It’s bitter sweet… because as the years pass, they need less help from mommy. They’re more independent. They KNOW where they want to put each ornament (most of it is at the bottom half of tree, blame it on their height). They know that this is a time where we come together and create.

After all of the ornaments are up, we wait to have my husband place the tree topper (Vader) on the tree. We light it up, sit back…. and sip on our hot chocolate. Mesmerized by the twinkling of the lights (or by Vader), time moves slowly and we let it.

From our family to yours… may you experience the joy of building each other up, creating special memories, and a very Merry and Happy Holiday. Tis’ the season to add quality and substance into the lives we live. Here’s to living our lives to the fullest!

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