Don’t Ditch The Shirt: 4 Ways To Spruce Up Your T-Shirt

Got too many t-shirts? Never. Never, ever. There’s no such thing!

I strongly believe that everyone should have stockpiles of tees nestled safely in their home. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt and would be considered wise to wear them. It’s almost our obligation to wear our favorite ones until it’s the right vintage feel and color. You know the one. It’s ALWAYS the right fit. The material is paper-thin, but it still somehow feels soft. It clings to you just the right way. You guys are best friends, it totally knows what you want and need out of it.

But, wearing our favorite tees can be repetitive…. and can sometimes get a little stale. Sometimes, all your t-shirt game needs is a little inspiration. A little bit of magic. A little bit of a new way to wear it. Here’s a few ways to spruce up that tee so that it will never be boring. Don’t ditch the shirt….

1. Stick with the basics

Wear that favorite tee of yours, add your favorite cap, wear your go-to denim pants, and rock out in your favorite pair of converse. NOTHING wrong with it. Now, add a few leather bracelets,  your nerdy dog tag (thank you Nerd Block!), and don’t forget our pins. Then, to top it all off…. throw on that black jacket.  Roll up those sleeves to give it a bit more attitude.


2. Wear that bomber jacket..

Adding color? Even better. And, check out how the shades and hat brings out the essence of the outfit. He chose a brogue pair of shoe with a wonderful detail and color.


3. It’s okay to play up to your inner Bounty Hunter

Take off that bomber jacket and show off the epic shirt you’re wearing. Depending on the shirt, it’s totally cool to play up to the character you’re wearing (or theme of it). If your tee is showcasing your love for rock…  allow yourself to express a little bit of edge in your style. Or, a lot. Absolutely your choice. Have fun with it!


4. Wear all black?

Sure, why not! There’s no rules to this. Only pure inspiration. It’s not boring if it’s something you love. In this case, my husband is sporting his new tee from Akumu Ink. It’s laid back, but by no means a snooze fest. We added a ripped cotton duster (can’t really see in this photo but it’s eye-catching) to the mix. He also sported his Goorin Bros. beanie and added a pin to it. The skinny jeans and leather belt was a great way to complete the edgy look. Can’t ever go wrong with an (almost) all black  ensemble .


35 thoughts on “Don’t Ditch The Shirt: 4 Ways To Spruce Up Your T-Shirt

  1. thetaylor411

    I love tshirts, so hearing ways to spruce is up is awesome. Love how these accessories changes his whole look. They look great!

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