October Arcade Block Unboxing

My husband recently made a request for  a steam punk goggles themed around Nightwing. I have to admit, being new at all of this, I didn’t really know much about him (and I’m still learning). I Googled Nightwing and saw various artwork on the web. The information can sometimes be overwhelming for a newbie like me. But, I was determined. Then, his birthday hit and I was busy finishing up a few of his steam punk pieces catered around The Mad Hatter and Cowboy Bebop. Nightwing was but a distant memory.

To my surprise, Arcade Block brought Nightwing to me as their product of the month. Thank you! It’s one thing to look online, another to have a product in hand to gain some inspiration. And, that’s what I love about Arcade Block. It often times introduces certain characters from movies, shows, or games that piques your interest. This often leads to a new obsession for the family. We love immersing ourselves in it.

My top favorites would have to be the Nightwing action figure, Star-Fox Tube socks (which has been monopolized by one of my toddlers, so long awesome tube socks), and the zapper enamel pin (currently being displayed alongside some of our favorite collectibles in the family room).


Items Received:

1. Batman: Arkham Knight Figures

2. Gears of War T-shirt

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s- Balloon Boy

4. Star Fox Tube Socks

5. Zapper Enamel Pin

6. Mario Kart Poster

7. Drop zone Beta Code (Bonus)

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