September Arcade Block Unboxing

As most of you know, I value a box mostly on it’s uniqueness AND usability. Arcade block nailed it this month with it’s Super Mario Bros. Chip Clips and Sega Genesis USB Hub. No ordinary items here. And, you better bet these items are already being put to use (I actually had to go on a hunt around my house for the items so that I could take a picture of them for this month’s unboxing). The most interesting item being put to use is the Assassin’s Creed Collector Construction Set. I found it on our coffee table holding up my husband’s guitar picks. Quite useful, if you ask me. My house doesn’t look like someone threw picks all over the place anymore. And, it looks pretty cool (with a somewhat nerdy touch, haha)  on our living room table.

The shirt provided this month brought us down to nostalgia lane. It had us scouring the shirt to see if we could name all of the console. Can you?

Top favorites this month would be the Super Mario Bros. Chip Clips, Sega Genesis USB Hub, and the Classic Console Controllers ShirtPunch tee. Arcade Block, you never disappoint.


Items Received:

  1. Classic Console Controllers from ShirtPunch
  2. Assassin’s Creed Collector Construction Set
  3. Super Mario Bros Chip Clips
  4. Retro Videogame Magazine Replay Vol. 1
  5. Sega Genesis USB Hub
  6. Bonus: $10 ShirtPunch Credit


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