September Loot Anime Unboxing: Demi-Human

I fell in love with this month’s box from the moment my husband pulled out that One-Punch Man Manga. Like whhaatt?! I’ve recently watched the series and have since been a fan. If you haven’t seen One-Punch Man, it’s a must! If you’re subscribed to Loot Anime… crack that manga open and enjoy. Be ready to laugh.

The Loot Anime box itself is upright and decorated by plastic toy soldiers. It’s the perfect prop, and a great way to recycle the box.

The Bleach Watch stole the show. The color, graphics within the watch, and the quality of it was just superb. It felt like it was enough to showcase the obsession of any fans (or those becoming fans) while still looking sophisticatedly adult. The fact that it wasn’t made completely out of rubber took it’s presentation to an epic notch. One of my other favorites was the Tokyo Ghoul Standee Key Chain Set. It’s huge!! But, aside from the size… the option of having the characters stand instead of using it as a key chain is a plus! Good job Loot Anime… we’re becoming fans.


What we got:

  1. One-Punch Man Manga Vol. 1
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Standee Keychain Set
  3. Twin Star Exorcists T-Shirt
  4. Bleach Watch
  5. Demi-Human Phone Charm
  6. Bonus: Poster with a list of the items received

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