Shirt Block August Unboxing

Shirt Block… is probably one of the best surprise in a box we’ve received. The nerd in me was bubbling with excitement from the moment my husband brought it in the house. The ripping of tape from cardboard …as my husband popped the box open had my daughters and me inching ever closer to my husband. ::sigh:: Love at first sight.


It truly is the perfect box for my husband and me. It caters to the nerd within us through our love of clothes, in particular some pretty amazing t-shirts. No basic tee here (Thanks ShirtPunch! ). One of the things we love about the assortment is the mix of color. I’m glad that they didn’t stick with ALL black t-shirts. The next best thing is that the graphics are by no means mediocre or small. I like the bold designs and especially the size of each graphic design. It’s eye catching.


My top favorite? I’m a Star Wars fan … so it goes to the humorous shirt that caters to that. My family (even my daughters) can claim (and they have) their own favorite from the five. All in all… it’s more than worth it. Which is your favorite?

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