New York Comic Con 2016 Unboxing

Since we missed Comic Con this year, my husband thought that it would be a good idea to bring a bit of the Comic Con feel to our home. So, a New York Comic Con themed box curated by Nerd Block was ordered. We waited in anticipation and were very excited to pop open the box of goodies. It felt like Christmas in our home. We were all leaning in close to see what my husband got. Lol, there was probably even a moment of hushed silence where we may have held our breath in anticipation. 😀  It’s tradition. We do this as a family. And, man… were we in for a treat. dsc_0833

The box did a good job providing interesting items to different types of fans. I’m extremely impressed that there were more than enough accessories we can use packed in the box. My favorites would have to be the Voltron Legendary Defender Wallet, Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Paper Weight, and the TMNT shoe laces. SHOE LACES!!! The Disco Spiral Print even made it to our wall of fandom artwork.


And, to top it off… The Walking Dead Projector Light Keyring proved useful when we lost power at our home. Thumbs up to a great box. Definitely worth the wait.

Items Received:

1. Exclusive: Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Paper Weight

2. Exclusive: New York Comic Con T-Shirt

3.  Exclusive: Voltron Legendary Defender Wallet

4. Exclusive: Ghostbuster Slimer Springz

5. The Walking Dead Projector Light Keyring

6. Exclusive NYC Lapel Pin

7. Exclusive Cover IDW Revolution #1

8. Exclusive: Disco Spiral Print

9. Harry Potter Gryffindor Socks

10. TMNT Shoe Laces

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