OOTD: Squad

I’ve recently adopted a term that’s been buzzing around my social media feed and by people around me. If all else fails, it’s the best caption for most of the pictures I take of my family… Squad. Add a hashtag in front of it, and it somehow becomes more legitimate. 😛


At the closing of summer, my husband and I were able to finally enjoy some alone time together. Day dates are the best! We opted for a matinee show time, a bookstore, Starbucks, a candy store, and the sweet escape of an uninterrupted conversational flow. Suicide Squad was our movie of choice… and was also the inspiration behind the DIY shirt my husband is wearing and some pretty inventive ways to accessorize an outfit.


His outfit captures one of the many things I love about him. It shows a sense of creativity, confidence, and the fun side of him that I admire. It was also a great way to attribute his fandom into his wardrobe. The edgy and youthful vibe was intoxicating. It was fun watching him put it all together before walking out of that door… it certainly caught my interest.


OOTD like these, reminds me that the way we express ourselves can be an eye-opening event. In this case, it invoked thoughts of the importance of living a bold life that only YOU can live. Be the best template of yourself… be innovative with your time… be happy with the unique person that you are. All of those thoughts swirled in my mind and prompted me to remember that we only have one life.


We try to teach our children by examples. We build their self esteem and encourage their individuality. By doing that, they must also see the value we have for ourselves. I truly believe that adding value into yourself breathes life into a solid foundation of confidence. It also reminded me to not always take things so seriously. There’s a time and place for everything… and making time to do the things we enjoy can also be a part of adding value into our lives. His outfit mirrored the inner motivation taking root within me.


So, with that in mind, express yourself. Stamp your personal template into this world. Be inspired, be an inspiration.


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