August Loot Anime Unboxing: Back To School

School is in session and so is the busy agenda of any parent or anybody trying to adult. My husband decided to treat us with a Loot Crate (he chose the Anime themed monthly subscription). I’ve wanted to try this subscription box since I first heard of it. Like many subscription box, I found mixed reviews. I was already enraptured, so obviously… I only paid attention to the good reviews and often times found that even the “disappointing” unboxing were to my liking. LOL. The past boxes has some pretty unique pieces. My husband’s interest was finally piqued. He caved and ordered Loot Anime. And, impressed we are!!!


Our favorites can probably be summed up by the entirety of the box. But, IF we HAD to pick… the top favorites would be the Danganronpa Cosplay Tie (can’t wait to see my husband add this to his OOTD), Revolutionary Girl Utena Bento Box, and Persona 3 Manga Vol. 1 (It brings us back to a time when we grabbed at any manga to read… now it’s packed into a box ready to be read and added to our collection). Nice touch with the provided poster that had a list and description of the items we received on the back of it. How unique! Oh, and the box can be recycled into a desk (kind of). I have kids… (and to be honest, I was pretty giddy about this too) so little projects like this is an added bonus. They should enjoy it thoroughly … like any other box (for some reason kids tend to have a fascination with boxes).

Items Received:

1. Danganronpa Cosplay Tie

2. Back to School Phone Charm

3. Digimon Adventure Tri Print Set

4. Revolutionary Girl Utena Bento Box

5. Persona 3 Manga vol. 1

6. Assassination Classroom Whiteboard

7. Fruits Basket Figure Keychain Set

8. Poster (It has the list and description of the items on the back)

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