August Arcade Block Unboxing

Arcade Block provided another great box to end the summer. It’s packed with unique and USEFULL items. One of the best part of my past and present experiences with Arcade Block is that  the mystery it provides paves a path to a possible new obsession. With great products, I often times end up looking up where the character or theme  is from. I’ve found a deep appreciation of the items I know nothing about. Besides the nostalgia, the mystery of some items unearths a great past time into discovering new fandoms I might be missing out on. And, honestly, who wants to miss out on a good thing? 🙂


My top favorites is hands down the USB Game Controller-Snes Edition, The Eye of Truth tee, and the Tetris Heat Change Mug… all of which will immediately be put to use!! Shelf life is nonexistent with these items.

Items Received:

1. USB Game Controller-Snes Editition

2. The Eye of Truth ShirtPunch tee

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s Mystery Minis

4. Tetris Heat Change Mug

5. Super Mario Blind Bag

6. $10 ShirtPunch Credit

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