Sci-Fi Block August Unboxing

It was one of those “days” ….I was literally on the go. As a mom, it’s sometimes difficult to find that little breathing room to stop and “smell the roses” as some people might say. It was the perfect day for Sci-Fi Block to come knocking on our family’s door. 

It’s a family tradition, we open it together. Our kids  already know what it is and have gathered around my husband (it’s “his” box after all). We oohed and ahhed… and I finally just stopped for those moments to take a breath. It’s more than just stuff for us. It’s a time to get excited over the little things.

And, excited we did…

Our top favorites would be the ShirtPunch tee we got this month and the Futurama Funko Pop!. The color  of the shirt is a nice break in the chain of black tee shirts in our closets.  Oh, and the design is superb for any fans.. it takes me back. 🙂


Items Received:

1. Exclusive! Shirtpunch T-shirt: Planet of the Apes

2. Lost iSpace Model Robot

3. Terminator Mega Bloks Buildable Character

4. Doctor Who Assorted Time Squad Keychain

5. Futurama Funko Pop!

6. Bonus: $10 ShirtPunch credit

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