OOTD: Shoot First

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Don’t underestimate the prominence accessories can play into your outfit. It can accentuate key pieces and pronounce a story you want to depict about yourself. In the end, when done jussst right… you get a striking silhouette of your own individualistic style.


I fell in love with this outfit because of the nifty ways my husband added color, texture, and layers subtly. As a whole, it captivated my interest. I couldn’t get enough of his straw fedora. Goorin Bros. did a great job weaving a simple, yet attractive, design. It gives it character and quality. The feathers were especially beautiful against the cream and interwoven design of the fedora. And, the color! It was an amazing and inexpensive way to spruce up a summer outfit… just like the pop of color his pin and bracelets added to his wardrobe. It didn’t detract or distract, it added the extra umph to give it his stamp of uniqueness.


The undertone of leather work in his bracelets and shoe laces was a nice earthy touch. It allowed the pop of colors he was wearing cut through. It also accentuated the artwork on his ShirtPunch tee to pop. It gave him an old world feel without the usual steam punk accessories he might otherwise be wearing. If you look really close, any fan would be a fan of those leather bracelets (Thanks Comic-con!).

There’s only one YOU… might as well leave your mark.

DSC_0973 (2)


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