OOTD: Summer Basics Take 2

It was yet another busy week for the family… and we were all pretty eager for a break. We spent some time out in the sun (but not too long, it was hot out!) and felt the summer breeze (when it showed up, lol) skim over us ever so softly. It was refreshing and it was a much needed outing.


My husband’s OOTD was also a refreshing way of wearing the summer basics uniquely. Key pieces that he was wearing added attitude and created a bold statement. Just like that rare summer breeze after the storm, I felt that his outfit created the same stirring effect.


The combat boots, Goorin Bros. wide brim fedora,  feathered hat accessory,  and the graphic tee brought life into the outfit he was wearing… it was a small window into what he might be into.  It whispered of his taste, individuality, edge, and an interest in anime. It stirred and bent the curiosity of the crowd we happen to come across to take a double look. It’s all about the attention to detail based on YOUR style choice. Here’s a bit of inspiration to be bold and to embrace the individuality that makes who you are unique.

He used this pin on his wide brim fedora

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