Outfit and Inspiration of the Day: Temperament

“None of us want to be in calm waters all of our lives.”

-Jane Austen (Persuasion)

Life has the habit of changing and rearranging things in the paths we take on our journey. It’s how we react and how quickly we CHOOSE to adapt to the situation that sets things into motion for a more positive experience. Often times, with Moyamoya Disease, I fail to remember this. I allow myself to get stuck in the rut of limited change. I believe  that we are at constant growth, we never stay the same. But, we can choose the rate and what type of growth we allow to fester  in our lives…. I (and my family) chose to live a fuller and more positive life.


It’s been a hectic week. I had several forms I needed to submit to doctors and other agencies for my daughter’s medical needs. Nothing out of the ordinary for our family, but it did take a lot of our time. On top of everything we had a doctor’s appointment. Just another follow-up (and a good one at that). I couldn’t help but think about the fact that  around this time last year, I was blogging about Comic-Con. Still, life, if you choose to let it, has a way of rewarding you in big and little ways.


The family was up and dressed by 5am. We ate breakfast and hit the road early to beat the early morning traffic. Our reward?



It was absolutely beautiful. We were super early for the appointment (ONLY about 2 and half hours early lol). My husband turned a few corners away from the hospital building and headed for the sea. We were met with the sliver of red, orange, and golden hues peeking out into the horizon. I WAS ECSTATIC! I haven’t seen the sunrise in such a long time and forgot how breathtaking it can be.

It was made even more special and meaningful because I was sharing this for the first time with my husband and little girls. My daughters were awestruck… It, in turn, struck a cord in my heart. I had camera in hand and captured some of the most beautiful things in my life. Moyamoya couldn’t take this away from me. It was too pure and too good to be tainted. It, instead, reminded me again what I was fighting for. What we were living for. And, why our family chose to take every opportunity to keep planning for a brighter future and experiencing all that this life can offer to the fullest.


We prepared for the appointment days before.. In life, we prepare ourselves as much  as we can for the obstacles life may throw at us. We left when it was dark, but kept trucking towards our goal. Sometimes, in life we are we met with uncertainties. The key is to never give up. We were met with the warmth of a new day. In life… the sun sets and rises. Alive… we experience the daily renewal of another opportunity. The question is whether or not we are going to take and make something positive come out of that opportunity

We may have had to pass on a few events we had originally planned for, but that didn’t stop us from taking and enjoying what we can as a family. We experience good days so much sweeter when we stop thinking about what we missed out on… and keep experiencing the sweet nectar of opportunities we create as a family.

Take risk. Take the time to enjoy the quietness. Take the time to live your life to the fullest.


(I’ve provided a picture of the garments and accessories my husband was wearing in the photos. Thank you for sharing and basking in the sun with our family. As always, Press on!)


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