July Arcade Block Unboxing

I was grabbing groceries when I received a text from my husband saying that his Arcade Block came. Sweet! I finished up in record time and headed home. It always feels like Christmas when my husband’s subscription boxes come. It has also become somewhat of a family thing of ours to open the boxes as a family. So, even though I made it home in record time, we still had to wait on the kiddos to wake up from their nap.

One of Arcade Block’s charm is that it’s a mystery box. You never really know what you’ll get. Of course, we get “spoiler” hints every now and then… but overall the unboxing is a pretty  exciting time in our family.

Top favorites this month? The Mega Man Helmet Speaker takes first place, hands down. And, this month’s ShirtPunch shirt’s color is a great break from the usual black we typically get in the blocks. If you look closely, there’s a Pokémon somewhere on the shirt. 🙂 


Items Received:

1. Mega Man Helmet Speaker

2. Smash T-Shirt from ShirtPunch!

3. Dungeon Boss Key

4. Warcraft Funko Mystery Mini

5. Toad Air Freshner

6. Deus Ex Print-Authographed by Elia Toufekis

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